We had planned to lunch together: Pilot Pathak’s father

POKHARA, May 15: Pilot Prabhusharan Pathak had asked his parents to wait for him so that they could lunch together. The parents were eagerly waiting for him at a restaurant in Pokhara. Pathak´s wish to have food with his parents, however, remained unfulfilled as he was among the 15 people who lost their life in a plane crash Monday morning in Jomsom. [break] Pathak had called his parents--father Harisharan and mother Tara--who were in Chitwan, on Sunday asking them to join him in Pokhara. Pathak wanted them to participate in a religious ceremony there. When his parents reached Pokhara Monday morning, he bought a ticket of an ultra light flight for his parents so that they could enjoy themselves until he returned from Jomsom. He wanted them to enjoy the flight and then wait for him at a restaurant till he returned from Jomsom. “While leaving, he had asked us to wait for him in this very palce. But he is never going to come back,” said the bereaved father. Pathak´s flight had already crashed while his father was still in the ultra flight. By the time the father had got down, the news of the plane crash had already spread. “By the time I had got down, my wife had already known about the crash,” Harisharan said. Pathak was eldest among two sons of the couple. Pathak had completed his pilot course from the USA 14 years ago. People who knew Pathak said he was very friendly and down-to-earth personality. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter who live in their own residence in the capital while his parents live in the family´s house in Ratnanagar, Chitwan. The tale of survivors Emilie Joergensen and Andreas Rasch -- who survived the Agni Air plane crash on Monday -- were on a four-day trip to Jomsom. The Danes, who were sitting in back seats, survived by jumping out of emergency exits immediately after the plane collided against a hill. Within seconds after the Danes saved their lives by jumping out of emergency exits, the rear portion of the plane fell into a gorge. "The plane that was to land suddenly flew up and lost control after one of its wings hit the hill," Emilie said. "We jumped off the plane as we were close to exit. I do not remember what happened after then. When I regain consciousness, I was on a hospital bed." Basanta Dawadi, General Secretary of Pokhara Tourism Council, got to meet the injured at the hospital. The Danes told Dawadi that they were happy to survive but sad over the deaths of other passengers.