Four ministries directed to find cause of Seti flood

KATHMANDU, May 14: The Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Means on Monday directed four line ministries to find out the exact cause of the Seti flash flood. The committee directed the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forest and Ministry of Local Development to submit a report by June 13.[break] At a meeting held on Monday, lawmakers criticized concerned authorities for their failure to find out what exactly led to the Set flash flood on May 5. The death toll from the flood has reached 28. Locals say many people are still missing. At the outset, the flood was believed to have been caused by massive avalanches. The Nepal Army (NA) later claimed that the flood was caused by landslides that obstructed the flow of the Seti River. Nine days on, the exact cause of the flood is yet to be established. At the meeting, Sushil Jung Bahadur Rana, secretary of the home ministry, said a coordinated team of NA, Nepali Police and Armed Police Force personnel has searched for dead bodies throughout the flood-affected area. "We have searched for dead bodies all over the flood-affected area," he said. "The rescue team is still working there." According to Rana, some skeletons have been recovered from the flood-affected area. "We have sought the help of NAST (National Academy for Science and Technology) to conclude whether the skeletons are of those missing in the flood," he said.