Kuber Rana picked as future IGP

KATHMANDU, June 23: The government promoted Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Kuber Singh Rana, reputed to be a clean and professional cop, to the post of Additional Inspector General (AIG) on Wednesday, picking him as the country´s future police chief after incumbent Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rabindra Pratap Shah. Rana now fills the place left vacant by Shah, who a couple of weeks ago replaced his batch-mate Ramesh Chand in the wake of the APC scandal. [break] Rana will be reigning over the Nepal Police for 14 months from September, 2012, and given his integrity and professionalism, it is hoped he will make a difference in the usually politically-tormented law enforcement agency. The promotion has come amid an awful lot of hype and guesswork as it is about ensuring ascent to the top police job. The government has quite significantly chosen to go for a lone promotion at a time when there are two other vacancies at the AIG level created by the suspension of Arjun Jung Shahi and Madan Bahadur Khadka in connection with the APC scandal. Had all three vacancies been filled simultaneously--this was a matter for significant debate within the government-- it would not necessarily have meant that promising for Rana, who has never been known for any political allegiances or unsound conduct. "He is the most competent officer in the Nepal Police, with incomparable integrity. He is an impeccable cop," said SP Ramesh Kharel, who himself is known for absolute policing. "During my posting in Kaski district, he was the regional chief as DIG. Never did I feel any problem working with him and it was always a boon to be commanded by him," Kharel said. Every police officer approached by Republica expressed contentment at Rana´s promotion, though unlike Kharel they requested not to be named. Recruited in 2040 BS as a police inspector, Rana was exemplary as someone who never misused his power, said Kharel. "He´s that kind of a guy." "If conspiracies do not have their way in this unpredictable country, we´ll hopefully find the smartest IGP in Rana," said an SP trained as a police cadet by Rana some 17 years ago. "I can´t believe that at this stage in his career he will start knocking on the doors of political leaders, something he never did before." Rana has occasionally been dragged into controversy surrounding the murder of someone in Dhanusha at the hands of the Nepal Army during the insurgency when he was posted there as district police chief. "Bringing him down over that case would be nothing but pure injustice. This decision has quelled fears that he could be let down because of that case," said officials.